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Opening Großensee Sculpture Garden

Music: UKW Trio

September 29, 2019, 11 am
Trittauerfeld 23, 22946 Trittau

» UKW Trio

Open studio Franziska Seifert

Art Locations Storman Open Studios 2019

September 28/29, 2019, from 11 am until 6 pm
Trittauerfeld 23, 22946 Trittau

» Bildhauerin Franziska Seifert

» Kunst Orte Storman Offene Ateliers

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Core Concept and Motivation

“For as long as I have been able to think and feel, a place void of culture, beauty, structure and tangibility has always been a place of coldness to me. Entrepreneurship offers me a unique opportunity for design and responsibility and at the same it requires of me and my family sustainable support of culture that is rooted in our basic democratic order in my hometown of Hamburg. This includes assistance measures for my employees during difficult times in their personal lives as well as a clear political statement. The loss of culture inevitably leads to the loss of our identity.”

Tim Cordts, First Chairman of the Cordts Foundation

Tim Cordts / Photo: Laura Weber
Tim Cordts